Webinar Recording: A Mindful Approach to Mental Health – Strategies for Increased Productivity and RTW

Significant mental health illness (MHI) affects almost 20% of employees each year, costing employers over $80 billion annually, mostly for lost productivity and absenteeism. Anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorders are the most common diagnoses and together account for over 30% of all short and long-term disability — although proper treatment can significantly improve mood, behavior, work productivity, and absenteeism, and is highly cost-effective for employers as most people with significant MHI don’t get treatment.

Effectively addressing MHI is challenging, but there is strong evidence for what works, and how to achieve better results. This webinar covered proven strategies for early recognition, appropriate treatment, and accommodations that are good for both employees, and the bottom line.


  • Jana Martin, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, The American Insurance Trust
  • Glenn Pransky, MD, Scientific Advisor, Lincoln Financial Group

For more information please visit the Disability Management Employer Coalition.