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About ABPP
The American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) was incorporated in 1947 with the support of the American Psychological Association. The ABPP is a unitary governing body of separately incorporated specialty examining boards which assures the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of specialty standards and examinations by its member boards. A Specialty is a defined area in the practice of psychology that connotes special competency acquired through an organized sequence of formal education, training, and experience.

ABPP mission statement
The American Board of Professional Psychology serves the public by promoting the provision of quality psychological services through the examination and certification of professional psychologists engaged in specialty practice.

Board certification is valuable
Board certification through ABPP demonstrates competence and credibility to peers and employers, and establishes you as a specialist within your field. Board certification assists in licensure mobility across most states. Some employers give preference to or require board certification for their psychologists. By becoming board-certified, you demonstrate that you have met the standards and have the competencies required to practice in your designated specialty area. Within ABPP, there is camaraderie among board certified specialists, who often provide resources and benefits to their colleagues.

Board certification is attainable
In the past, psychologists were advised to wait several years post licensure before pursuing board certification. This is no longer the case. Many early career psychologists successfully become board certified and, in fact, succeed at the same or higher rate than psychologists who have been practicing longer.  We also have an early-entry program for students planning to become board certified in the future. Come join us. We welcome your inquiries and application.

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It is not the exceptional specialist who should be board certified, but the specialist who is not board certified who should be the exception.
-Russ Bent, PhD, ABPP, former Executive Officer of ABPP


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