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Professional Liability

Professional Liability insurance gives you the confidence and protection to provide psychological services in a host of settings throughout your career whether you’re in a group or in private practice. The Trust offers claims-made and occurrence policies so you can choose which coverage is right for you. You will also be eligible for premium discounts including CE, early career, part-time, group, and more.

Student Liability

Did you know that every time you provide psychological services, in training and in practice, you risk legal, governmental, and regulatory actions? The Trust offers Student Liability insurance protection to students for as little as $35 a year. Protect yourself and your future with your own policy.

Researcher & Academician Liability

A disputed grade, a negative tenure decision, or conflicts on authorship or use of research data are just a few of the risks faced by psychologists in academic settings. The Trust offers specially designed protection for psychologists in research and academic settings with coverage levels starting at $100,000/$300,000. Peace of mind can be yours for as little as $70 a year!

Business Office

This package of property insurance benefits is specifically designed for offices like yours. Whether you are leasing office space, working out of your home, or own and operate buildings used for offices, you are eligible to apply for this coverage.

Cyber Enterprise

Cyber threats can occur at any time, and attacks focused on healthcare data are increasing in both levels of severity and frequency. Are you protected in the event of a cyber breach?

Income Protection (Disability)

Accidents, illness, and other unexpected emergencies can devastate psychologists and their families. Income Protection (Disability) insurance gives you the peace of mind with monthly benefits up to $10,000. Choose from four different plans to find that one that best fits your needs.

Group Term Life

Group Term Life insurance is a wise decision for psychologists and their families. Protection of up to $1,000,000 is offered to psychologists, their spouses and domestic partners. Children are eligible as well.

Office Overhead

Office Overhead insurance can mean the difference between staying open and having to shut your doors. The plan provides reimbursement for mortgage interest payments, employees’ salaries, professional association dues, office utilities, and other regularly occurring business expenses.

Long Term Care

Two out of every three people will need long term care after the age of 65. Long Term Care insurance provides those who are chronically ill, injured, or disabled with the funds to help them with basic activities whether at home, in the community, or in an assisted living facility.

Auto, Home and Renters

You can’t always avoid life’s bumps and bruises, but you can prepare for them with the right protection. The Trust has partnered with Liberty Mutual to offer competitive and excellent Auto, Home and Renters insurance coverage for psychologists.

Pet Health

Pets are part of the family, and when they get sick or injured, we want the best care for them. That’s why The Trust has partnered with Hartville to offer you Pet Health insurance for your dog or cat, at a discounted rate – save 10% on one pet, and 20% on two or more!

Retirement Planning

Dreaming of retirement? As a psychologist, retirement can be a challenge especially if you’re in private practice. The Trust endorses UBS Financial Services to provide our clients with plans that include important financial preparation and saving during working years so you can enjoy a comfortable and secure retirement when you want.