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Protection for Psychologists in Research & Academic Settings 

Every time you provide professional advice, you risk allegations of malpractice, error, or professional negligence. A disputed grade, a denied promotion or negative tenure decision, conflicts on authorship or use of research data are but a few of the risks that are faced by psychologists in academic settings. Relying on institutional coverage may not properly protect your interests. 

For Psychologists, By Psychologists 

The Trust Sponsored Professional Liability* insurance program comes with a professional review board of your peers ... to ensure things like policy improvements, rate guarantees, and plan enhancements are done fairly and in your best interests. And if you should ever need assistance with a coverage dispute, The Trust is available to serve as your ombudsperson.

This program is designed specifically to protect psychologists in research and academic settings, offering attractively priced claims-made coverage. Coverage levels begin at $100,000/$300,000 and go up to $1 million each claim/$3 million each year. Designed to provide maximum coverage flexibility, this type of protection allows you to purchase higher coverage amounts in subsequent policy years to keep up with the rising claims costs. Plus, you can choose between plans to meet your needs.

Standard Protection for Research / Academic Coverage Only

This claims-made coverage will protect you from lawsuits while you are teaching, doing academic advising, research or committee work, or serving on professional review boards (including licensing boards) as long as claims are filed while your policy is still in force.

Limit of Liability Annual Premium
$100,000 each incident / $300,000 annual aggregate $70
$200,000 each incident / $600,000 annual aggregate $80
$1,000,000 each incident / $1,000,000 annual aggregate $103
$1,000,000 each incident / $3,000,000 annual aggregate $134

Expanded Protection for Research / Academic and Part-Time Clinical Duties

This claims-made coverage offers protection of the standard Researcher/Academician Plan - PLUS you're covered for supervision or part-time clinical work that is part of your academic responsibilities.

Limit of Liability Annual Premium
$100,000 each incident / $300,000 annual aggregate $140
$200,000 each incident / $600,000 annual aggregate $160
$1,000,000 each incident / $1,000,000 annual aggregate $206
$1,000,000 each incident / $3,000,000 annual aggregate $268

And for added security, an unlimited extended reporting period, or "tail" is available with both plans to give you coverage against suits filed anytime after your coverage has ended.

Please note: Your limits in effect at the time a claim is reported will be the maximum amount paid, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.


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