Student and Early Career Psychologists Committee

The Trust has long supported the needs and interests of psychology students and early career psychologists, and in keeping with that support, has created The Trust Student and Early Career Psychologists (SECP) Committee. We are excited about the valuable input, unique perspectives, and innovative ideas we know the Committee members will provide.

We believe that participants benefit as well from this vital forum and opportunity to gain experience in leadership, to learn more about how a business advisory committee functions, and to enhance their network of contacts. With input from the Committee, The Trust Board looks forward to providing even more helpful products and services to students and early career psychologists.

Check out our latest interview with three of our SECP Committee members, Drs. Victoria Pietruszka, Princess Drake and Jodie Gerson. Hear why they are thrilled to be a part of this diverse team and learn how they were supported in their transition from student to licensed psychologist. Be sure to visit our Student & Early Career Resources page to view the vast library of resources that the SECP Committee has produced (many of which are free!).

The Trust SECP Committee informs The Trust Board about emerging practices and trends in psychology and their impact on the profession. The Committee also provides ideas in areas of marketing, including how to better connect with students and early career psychologists, product development, customer service, and educational resources for The Trust Board to consider. While the Committee focuses on students and early career psychologists, it also provides valuable insight into how The Trust might develop programs and services to benefit psychologists at all stages of their career, now and in the future. We are very excited about what our first group of SECP Committee members will contribute to The Trust’s being For Psychologists, By Psychologists.

The Trust’s SECP Committee has taken the guesswork out of getting started with our new brochure “Starting a Private Practice: An Early Career Psychologist’s Guide.” This essential resource was developed to help you navigate the unique challenges early career professionals face when getting started and is a must-read for every graduate student. Download your complimentary copy here.

SECP Committee