Trust Board Statement: Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

The Trust companies are committed to prioritizing and supporting initiatives that promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. These values are vital to The Trust’s mission as a business entity providing products, services, and education and training to its policyholders. This is consistent with our commitment to act in an honest and ethical manner, and in compliance with laws and regulations.

We believe that diversity is best reflected through acknowledgement of and respect for the numerous ways in which ability, citizenship status, culture, faith, family structure, political viewpoint, age, size, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, professional qualifications, geography, social status, military or veteran status and politics shape our lived experience, perspectives and worldviews. We foster a corporate community that acknowledges these differences as sources of strength that deepen our common humanity and provide opportunities to enhance personal growth. The Trust commits to building and maintaining a Board of Trustees with a diverse membership to support these principles.

The Trust continually engages in organizational self-reflection and is committed to promoting the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the creation and evaluation of its operations, products, and risk-management activities. The Trust strives to model cultural humility, promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and expects adherence to standards of professional ethics, and applicable laws and regulations by staff, Trustees, and business associates.

As a business entity, The Trust engages vendors and business partners whose values and activities reflect those identified in this statement. By collaborating with other entities that share a commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, The Trust companies hope that together we can challenge societal and systemic barriers and make inroads for greater accessibility and equity.

NOTE: This information is provided as a risk management resource and is not legal advice or an individualized personal consultation. At the time this resource was prepared, all information was as current and accurate as possible; however, regulations, laws, or prevailing professional practice standards may have changed since the posting or recording of this resource. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to confirm whether regulatory or legal issues that are relevant to you have since been updated and/or to consult with your professional advisors or legal counsel for timely guidance specific to your situation. As with all professional use of material, please explicitly cite The Trust as the source if you reproduce or distribute any portion of these resources.