Student Liability

What does The Trust Student Liability policy cover?

The Student Liability policy covers students involved in school-sanctioned activities. Common examples are internships, practicum, and externships. Some schools encourage students to go beyond the required hours and enter other school-sanctioned/supervised programs. These programs are often covered under this policy.

Do you have to be an APA member to apply for or renew coverage?

No. Association membership is not required to apply for or renew this insurance policy.

Do all students studying psychology qualify for coverage under the Student Liability policy?

Being a student should not be the only criteria for selecting The Trust Student Liability policy. Your selection of appropriate insurance will depend on your specific activities. For example, if you are in an internship, practicum or other program sanctioned by your university, you should consider The Trust program. If you are working in a program independent of your school or practicing under another license (LCSW or MFT), then you should consider an alternative professional liability policy outside of The Trust.

What if I continue to work at an internship after my internship is over?

If the program is no longer affiliated with your school, then you have entered into independent or professional work. This is true even if you are volunteering. For any activities independent of your school, you should obtain a professional liability policy.

Does it matter if I receive pay?

No. It does not matter if you receive pay. All that matters is that your school sanctions the program.

What if I graduate?

The Trust Student Liability policy will only cover you if you are still working toward graduation. Occasionally, a student is conferred a degree prior to completion of his or her internship hours.In these rare cases, the student policy would still provide coverage. Once you graduate and enter into post-doctoral work, you should purchase The Trust Professional Liability policy (and take advantage of the New Graduate discount for such supervised activity).

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