Michael Ritz Ph. D.

Michael Ritz - PresenterFor greater than twenty nine years, Michael Ritz Ph. D. had a clinical practice that focused on children and adolescent/developmental issues for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program. Early in 2009, he retired from that practice.  Over the course of his career, he maintained a private practice; taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level; was a Director of Training at multiple sites; and served on a variety of community based committees for behavioral healthcare. 

He has maintained a long-standing involvement in both the California and the American Psychological Association – assuming a variety of both elected and appointed positions.   Currently, he Chairs the CPA Presidential Task Force for Health Care Reform as well as the Division I Health Psychology Section; serves as the APA Public Education Coordinator for California (also as APA’s Regional Council Representative for the Western United States); and is a CPA PAC Trustee.