William “Marty” Martin, MA, MS, Psy.D., CHES

William “Marty” Martin, MA, MS, Psy.D., CHES - PresenterWilliam “Marty” Martin, MPH, PsyD, CHES, currently serves as the director and associate professor of the Health Sector Management MBA program at DePaul University in Chicago. In this role, Martin brings his experiences as a leader at organizations such as The Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he served as director of human resources. In his teaching, facilitating and consulting, Martin combines the clinical perspective he received from serving as a licensed clinical health psychologist with his experience as a public health educator.

Throughout his academic career, Martin has launched a variety of degree programs, including a masters of science in health informatics, in a number of countries, from Ireland to India. As a researcher, Martin has published more than 100 papers in journals ranging from The Physician Executive to the Journal of Health Care Finance. In 2012, Martin wrote Taming Disruptive Behavior, which was published by ACPE. He has taught courses in complementary/alternative medicine; health care management; human resources in health care and strategic health care management.

Martin is frequently invited to speak at conferences in the United States and throughout the world. He has also taught on site at a variety of organizations, including health systems, hospitals and medical groups. In addition, he has facilitated a number of strategic planning sessions and strategic retreats with medical specialty societies and health care organizations of all sizes and types. His speaking and facilitating is informed by his research as well as his involvement in the health care start-up community in Chicago where he is working with a team to develop mobile applications for patients suffering from insomnia.

Martin earned his joint doctor of psychology/masters in public health degree from Rutgers in 1989. He then pursued a postdoctoral fellowship in primary health care psychology in Michigan. A lifelong learner, he later earned an MSc in behavioral sleep medicine from the University of Glasgow.