Professional Liability (Malpractice) Protection for Pre-Licensure

Professional Liability – The Trust

Congratulations on earning your doctoral degree! You’ve successfully made the transition from student to professional, and are now working toward becoming a licensed psychologist. But, as you start to enjoy the fruits of your years in school, you need to keep in mind the risks that come along with your new career and protect yourself.

That’s why The Trust offers special pricing on Professional Liability insurance just for you!  That means you can protect yourself and your future for as little as $111 a year*. It’s essential coverage that fits your career and your wallet.

Choose between claims-made and occurrence coverage, depending on what best suits your needs. You’ll also have your choice of liability limits – up to $2 million/$4 million. Your Trust Professional Liability insurance policy also covers:

  • Legal fee and court costs along with reasonable expenses, such as transportation;
  • Defense costs for licensing board and other governmental regulatory appearances;
  • Unlimited defense against sexual misconduct claims;
  • Protection against advertising or personal injury;
  • And much more!

Plus, as a Trust policyholder you get access to our complimentary Advocate 800 Program. This valuable service provides you with unlimited, free confidential consultations with Trust Advocates who are licensed psychologists with extensive legal, ethical, and risk management expertise.


No other professional liability insurance company provides this kind of unique service for psychologists, both in training and in practice.

A Board of Your Peers

As an Early Career Psychologist, your needs and concerns are unique. That’s why The Trust created the Student and Early Career Psychologist Committee (SECP). The 11 members are professionals just like you! The SECP’s mission is to provide information about emerging practices and trends, improve products and services, and give valuable insight into how The Trust can develop new programs that benefit psychologists like you.

Get to know the SECP Committee members by clicking here.

The Trust’s Student and Early Career Psychologist (SECP) Committee has taken the guesswork out of getting started with our new brochure “Starting a Private Practice: An Early Career Psychologist’s Guide.” This essential resource was developed to help you navigate the unique challenges early career professionals face when getting started and is a must-read for every graduate student. Download your free copy here.

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*$111 is the annual cost for first year claims-made coverage at the $1/mil/$3mil level in rate area B. This premium reflects a 35% newly negotiated transitional pricing discount applicable only to new graduates while in the pre-licensure stage.

Psychologists with pre-licensure status are eligible for the following discounts:

  • 35% off your 1st year
  • 25% off your 2nd year
  • 15% off your 3rd year

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Risk Management Training Curriculum - Get FREE Access

The Trust has developed the Risk Management Training Curriculum to complement what you’ve already learned in the classroom.

Normally priced at $210, these modules are free of charge with every Trust Student or Pre-Licensure Liability insurance policy.

After you've applied for a policy, simply fill out this request form. Once your policy has been verified, you'll be emailed credentials to access the curriculum in our LearnUpon platform.