The Trust Now Accepts American Express

The Trust is excited to announce that we’re now accepting American Express for professional liability insurance premium payments in response to client requests. We recognize and understand that a lot of our policyholders are in private practice, and they like the rewards that some credit cards carry.

With the roll-out complete, The Trust becomes the only professional liability insurance company to offer the convenient choice of all four major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express!

“As a licensed psychologist, I know all too well some of the issues psychologists face in their busy careers,” says Jana N. Martin, Ph.D., CEO of The Trust, “so, when I hear of an area where our services can be enhanced, I look into it and, if it makes sense, assign the resources to get it implemented. It’s my hope that this no-surcharge option will be beneficial to our clients.”

The Trust prides itself on providing clients with choices – from administrative options and insurance programs, to continuing education courses and financial security products – no one else comes close to covering you and your practice the way we do!

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