Professional Liability Policy Discounts

  • Risk Management Continuing Education Premium Discounts of up to 15%1:
  • 35% premium discount for new graduates not yet licensed for the first year, 25% for the second year, and 15% for the third year. The part-time and new graduate discounts may not be combined.2
  • 35% premium discount for part-time work of 20 hours or less per week (annual per week average).2
  • 5% premium discount for having both professional liability and business office insurance with The Trust.
  • 4-15% premium discount for group practices of 3 or more practitioners.
  • 10% premium discount for psychologists who switch their professional liability coverage from another insurer to The Trust Sponsored Program.

(1) To qualify for a continuing education discount, please submit a copy of the continuing education certificate that is less than 15 months old with your application or renewal. Groups qualify for this credit when 50% of the owners and employees participate. The maximum continuing education discount is 15% and the continuing education/risk management. Discounts can only be applied at the time of application or renewal.

(2) The part-time and new graduate discounts may not be combined.